About Skillman Marketing

What We Do

Skillman Marketing brings expertise to Activate Brands in the marketplace, with depth of experience in:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative and Concept Development
  • Fully Integrated Marketing Programs from digital to purchase
  • Salesforce and Distributor engagement

In disciplines including:

  • Field and Shopper Marketing
  • Promotions and Sponsorships
  • Digital Marketing, including Websites and Google Adwords
  • Events

If you don’t see it, ask. You’ll get an honest answer.

Who is Skillman Marketing For?

Skillman Marketing is an acknowledgement that companies, agencies, and organizations are under ever increasing pressure to run as lean as possible. There are times when additional resources and expertise are needed to do the important work of building brands.  Someone to dig in and think about the big picture, or to jump in and lead the many facets of bringing a brand to life in the marketplace.

Skillman Marketing is ideal for small and midsize businesses that are open minded and eager to take an objective look at their business. The clients that benefit most from our services are those that have a strong vision for their business, coupled with a willingness to explore new approaches to connecting and engaging with their customers. We take a holistic view of the marketing landscape to recommend marketing strategies and tactics that make sense for your unique business.

What’s in a name: Skillman Marketing

My parents were both raised in Sunnyside Gardens in Queens, NY.  Skillman Avenue is the street my mom grew up on.  My family spent many Sunday afternoons there.  It was a place where you could walk to the corner store and buy a comic book or a pretzel rod out of a glass jar.  While completing my MBA, I lived there for about a year and took a job maintaining the garden courtyards which are the hallmark of what is now the historic district.  My father shared with me that I was the third generation of our family to do that work.

When I thought about naming the company, I thought about the hard work that led me to this point. With over 20 years activating world class brands in the marketplace, brands including Pepsi, Snapple, and Kraft, I believe I can back up the “Skill” in Skillman.

SkillmanHouse2 copy

So there you have it, Skillman Marketing.  If you’re ever nearby, stop by and poke around Sunnyside Gardens. It’s one of just two private parks in New York City, the other being the more famous and exclusive Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

The Face Behind the Name

John McAndrew is the Founder and Principal of Skillman Marketing.  He is an award-winning Integrated Marketing professional who has led the activation of many trusted and iconic brands. Through Skillman Marketing, John offers his unique ability to reinforce and elevate your brand’s positioning while insuring that Sales has the tools needed for success.


My Promise

  1. To treat your business as the unique entity that it is.
  2. Ask a lot of questions, understand your objectives, and respect your vision for growth.
  3. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  I will work tirelessly to keep the trust you have extended to me.  I’ll always strive to keep it fun.

Life Outside Work 

Spending time with family and friends is my greatest joy. Always looking for a partner or two or three to join me playing outdoors, listening to live music, or in search of the next great craft beer.  Maybe we’ll get to share an adventure some time.

Links of things I support and believe in

http://www.bthfoundation.org – The Break The Hold (BTH) Foundation is committed to “Break the Hold” on Mental Illness and Provide Education about Suicide Prevention

www.midnightrun.org – providing care and compassion to the homeless in NYC

http://www.heartsavr.com – new hope to increase survival rates among victims of cardiac arrest

www.luckydogproject.com – 10% of net profits support Dogs who DOGood